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Self driving to explore the charming Pearl of Africa is an exciting road trip experience. Travelers find it super enjoyable driving through the countryside to the Bwindi, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls, and the magnificently wild Kidepo National Park. You will want to stop every few kilometers to watch the magical nature of Uganda. However, just like other travels, a self-drive trip in Uganda requires proper planning with the right packing list.

The most important is to rent a car that suits your road trip and some of the factors to consider include fuel efficiency, 4WD mechanism, and comfort among others. At Trip Car Rental Uganda, we help our clients choose the best cars for their trip considering their destinations, budget and other personal interests. In addition to this, you need to put down an organized packing list of the things you need to have in your rental car when self driving Uganda.

To help you prepare right regarding the packing list for your upcoming Uganda self drive adventure, we came up with this article;

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Essential documents
When driving in Uganda, you are required to move with your valid documents in hard copy including a driving permit and a document for identity which may be a national ID or passport. You will often meet traffic officers on the road who may stop you to check the mentioned documents. This is done to avoid criminal offenses.

Basic mechanic tools
As you need to have basic mechanic skills when self-driving, the tools that you may need in case of simple unforeseen situations include the spanner, jake and a spare tyre. When you unfortunately get a flat tyre, you can fix such issues and proceed with the journey. Make sure you carry these tools to avoid time and money wastage by taking the car to mechanics.

First aid kit
A first aid kit is essential when traveling. It helps you to deal with minor pains and injuries when you are far from clinics and hospitals. Basic items to have in the kit include painkillers, bandages, methanol spirit, cotton, glucose, medicine for diarrhea, and plasters among others.

Emergency kit
An emergency kit prepares you for unfortunate circumstances that may happen most especially to the car. It should have items including a warning triangle, mini fire extinguisher, window breaker, and a flashlight among others.

Emergency contact numbers
Have a piece of paper or a small notebook with phone numbers of your people that can be contacted in case you get into a situation where you cannot speak. These maybe your family, friends, or the car rental service provider. It is also important to keep them updated with your itinerary.

A minimum amount of cash
It does not matter where your self drive trip is taking you in Uganda but all you have to avoid is carrying heavy cash with you. What we advise is to know the activities on your itinerary that can be paid for online or through visa and those that require hard cash. Carry money for these activities plus a little more for emergencies.

Hand sanitizer
Once you are out of your room, there are several public-shared things that you will touch and the best way to kill germs that may cause infection is by carrying and using sanitizer while on your trip.

Map or GPS
These two serve the same purpose but if you can, have both of them for your next trip especially if you plan to visit the national parks. Activate a GPS on your phone to help you easily find your way to your destinations online. But since some locations in Uganda have an issue of poor internet connection, a paper map becomes useful here.

Snacks and drinking water
Carry some snacks and drinking water while on a long journey. Also, if you are new in a place and do not know the next place to get something to eat, make sure to buy enough snacks at the nearby store and move with them. These will keep you going until you reach a restaurant or prepare a meal if you are on a self-catering Uganda self-drive.

Sanitation and hygiene items
While traveling, ensure to stay hygienic and keep the environment clean. Travel with wipes and napkins in your car for hygiene and a garbage bag where to drop any rubbish which you can later dispose off on arrival at your destination.

Don’t forget to carry your phone charger and any USB cables, an insect repellant, and some oil lubricant. With these items plus your personal packing list, you will literally be ready for your adventure self drive in Uganda no matter the destination you are visiting. We are here to offer travelers quality car rental services. Contact us through or call the reservations personnel on +256-743143706.

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