An Essential Guide to First-Time Self Drive in Uganda 

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You could either be excited or anxious looking forward to controlling the wheel on the roads of Uganda for your very first time. As we all know, countries have varying traffic rules and this is one of the things you must research about in preparation for your upcoming Uganda self drive trip. Whereas most of Uganda’s roads are in somewhat good condition, you are advised to be extra cautious when driving. Whether you are planning to travel solo, with family, or with friends, it is important to equip yourself with driving tips that will help you stay safe on the road.

Essential driving tips for travelers driving in Uganda for the first time

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Know and obey all traffic rules
As earlier mentioned, you will find different traffic rules in Uganda although some of them may be similar to your country’s. One of the most important things you should know and practice mentally is driving on the left. Always keep left when driving in any part of the country.

Know your car
Understanding most of the things about your rental car is important when you self drive Uganda for the first time. At the time of picking it from the service provider, ask them to guide you on the controls and also accustom yourself to them before officially hitting the road. More emphasis comes if the type of rental car is different from what you are used to driving. Know how to start it, where the signal lights are, how to control brakes and change gears among others.  Also, adjust your seat and side mirrors so that you are comfortable and able to control the car and see everything on the road well.

Inspect the car 
When you hire a car for self drive in Uganda, ensure to do a thorough check before setting off for the trip. Make sure all parts are functioning well to avoid inconveniences during the trip. This will help you have an enjoyable Uganda road trip experience and also keep you safe on the road.

Do not drive at night 
One of the restrictions we give as a car rental company is not to drive at night. Since most parts of the country do not have street lights, driving at night puts you at risk of accidents due to some bad drivers on the road and people crossing plus a risk of robbery. Make sure to start your journey or activities early so that you arrive at your destination by 19hrs.  The only activities allowed at night are night game drives where you must go with a ranger guide from the park.

Check your blind spot
Thoroughly check your blind spot before changing lanes and turning. This is highly advisable because mirrors do not show you everything in your marginal vision. Also, avoid anything that might distract you while changing lanes or turning.

Maintain a good driving speed
Overspeeding puts you at a high risk of road accidents and this is not only in Uganda but anywhere else. This is another reason why you have to wake up early to prepare for your day’s activities so that you will not need to rush especially for those that are scheduled for specific times of the day. The maximum driving speed in; towns is 50km/hr, parks is 40km/hr and on highways is 80km/hr.

Have an emergency safety kit 
An emergency safety kit prepares you for any unforeseen circumstances that inconvenience travel, for example, flat tyre among others. Before you set off for your road trip, ensure your rental car has a safety kit with items such as the Jake, jumper cable, batteries, road flares, spare tyre, and flashlights. A safety kit is essential for all drivers, whether first-time or repeat drivers.

Planning to explore Uganda on self drive adventure? Simply ready yourself with the help of these driving tips and look forward to an enjoyable experience. For any inquiries about self drive Uganda and other car rental services, contact us at or +256-743143706 

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