Car Rental Costs in Uganda: Exploring Affordable and Reliable Options

Budget Self Drive & Driver Hire In Uganda Rent A Car In Uganda

“Explore Uganda with Affordable Car Rentals – Your Gateway to Adventure” Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure in Uganda? Look no further than our diverse range of car rental options, tailored to suit your every need. From rugged Land Cruisers to elegant Mercedes Benz E Class, we’ve got you covered at competitive rates.

1. **Land Cruiser Ronaldo – $90 to $100 per day**
Cruise through Uganda’s scenic landscapes in style with our Land Cruiser Ronaldo, priced from $90 to $100 per day.

2. **Land Cruiser Prado TX – $75 to $80 per day**
Experience comfort and versatility with the Land Cruiser Prado TX, available at a daily rate ranging from $75 to $80.

3. **Toyota Rav4 – $45 to $50 per day**
For the budget-conscious traveler, our Toyota Rav4 offers reliability and efficiency, starting at just $45 per day.

4. **Safari Land Cruiser – $135 to $180 per day (including driver-guide)**
Elevate your safari experience with our Safari Land Cruiser, complete with a knowledgeable driver-guide, priced from $135 to $180 per day.

5. **Super Custom Van – $75 to $90 per day**
Ideal for group travel, our Super Custom Van ensures a comfortable journey, available at a daily rate of $75 to $90.

6. **Coaster Bus – UGX 500,000 to UGX 700,000 per day (with driver)**
Travel hassle-free with our Coaster Bus, accommodating larger groups at a competitive rate of UGX 500,000 to UGX 700,000 per day, driver included.

7. **Mercedes Benz E Class – $100 to $120 per day (with chauffeur)**
Indulge in luxury with our Mercedes Benz E Class, chauffeur-driven, and priced between $100 and $120 per day.

8. **Limousine – UGX 1 Million to UGX 1.3 Million (with chauffeur)**
Make a grand entrance with our Limousine service, available at a discounted rate of UGX 1 Million to UGX 1.3 Million, complete with a chauffeur.

9. **Driver Hire – $35 to $45 per day (excluding rental car)**
Need a reliable driver? Hire one from our experienced pool, ranging from $35 to $45 per day.

10. **Airport Transfer in SUV – $55 to $60 (one-way)**
Seamlessly transition from the airport to your destination with our SUV airport transfer, priced at $55 to $60 for a one-way trip.

11. **Airport Transfer in Sedan – $45 to $50 (one-way)**
Enjoy a smooth ride with our sedan airport transfer, starting at $45 to $50 for a one-way journey.

12. **Wedding Car Hire – 10% off all bridal cars**
Celebrate your special day with style. Enjoy a 10% discount on all bridal cars for hire.

Whether you’re exploring wildlife, embarking on a road trip, or celebrating a momentous occasion, our diverse fleet of vehicles ensures a memorable journey. Book your adventure today and discover the beauty of Uganda with our reliable and affordable car rental services.

15.. **Off-Road Marvels: Land Cruiser Ronaldo & Land Cruiser Prado TX**
Picture this: Tackling Uganda’s challenging terrains in the rugged Land Cruiser Ronaldo or enjoying the perfect blend of luxury and off-road prowess in the Land Cruiser Prado TX. Your adventure starts here!
16.. **Compact Powerhouse: Toyota Rav4**
Navigate the vibrant streets with ease in our Toyota Rav4, a compact yet powerful companion that brings efficiency and style to your journey.
17.. **Safari Bliss: Safari Land Cruiser**
Dive into the heart of Uganda’s wildlife with our Safari Land Cruiser, where every journey is an expedition led by our seasoned driver-guide. Get ready for a safari experience like no other!
. 18.**Group Travel Delight: Super Custom Van & Coaster Bus**
Gather your tribe and hit the road! Our Super Custom Van and Coaster Bus ensure comfort and camaraderie on group adventures, making memories that last a lifetime.

19.**Luxury Redefined: Mercedes Benz E Class & Limousine**
Make a statement with our Mercedes Benz E Class or indulge in opulence with our Limousine service – perfect for those special occasions that demand elegance and sophistication.

20.. **Personalized Driver Experience**
Need an expert navigator? Our professional drivers, available for hire, bring local expertise and ensure you make the most of your journey.

21. **Effortless Transfers: Airport Shuttle Services**
Whether it’s a sleek SUV or a stylish sedan, our airport transfer services guarantee a smooth transition to or from Entebbe Airport. Start or end your adventure in comfort.

22.. **Special Occasion Perfection: Wedding Car Hire**
Say ‘I do’ in style! Enjoy a 10% discount on all bridal cars for hire, adding a touch of glamour to your special day.

23. Adventure Awaits – Book Your Ride Today!
With competitive rates and a fleet that caters to every desire, your Ugandan adventure is just a booking away. Whether you’re chasing sunsets on safari or making a grand entrance at your wedding, our cars are more than vehicles – they’re your ticket to unforgettable moments.

Discover Uganda in style, comfort, and excitement with our diverse car rental options. Let the journey begin! Contact us today to book your rental car or call us on +256-743143706 to speak with our reservations team.

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