What Is the Best Uganda Tour Option Self Drive / Guided Tours in Uganda

Budget Self Drive & Driver Hire In Uganda Rent A Car In Uganda

As travelers’ numbers visiting Uganda for activities including gorilla trekking, wildlife game drives, mountain hiking and Jinja adventures among others are on the rise, car hire has become popular. Tourists contact travel agents for crafted tours that are organized with local drivers or opt to make their own itineraries and hire a car for self drive. All in all, they want to explore the wonders of Uganda in their preferred ways. While self drive trips mean that you as a traveler will rent a car suitable for your trip, drive yourself to the destinations and do most activities on your own, a private guided tour means that you hire a car with a local driver to take you around and offer guidance throughout the tour.

Endowed with myriad wildlife resources, beautiful weather and occupied by hospitable people, many visitors to Uganda enjoy the country regardless of whether they are on self drive or guided tours. However, these two options cannot be the same as they have different advantages and come with varying experiences which we shall explain so that you can make a choice depending on what you want.

Why a self-drive tour?

Budget Self Drive & Driver Hire In Uganda Rent A Car In Uganda
Generally, self drive tours are cheaper. This is because travelers meet the costs of renting a car, fuel, and the activities they engage in excluding safari driver allowances that they would pay if were on a guided tour. Catering for drivers’ meals and accommodation can make a somewhat huge overall allowance especially if it is a long trip.

A self drive trip allows you to adjust your itinerary at any time. You can conveniently make last-minute changes without having to first contact the car rental company. It is up to you to follow your itinerary as it was earlier made or make adjustments along the way.

You have enough privacy while on a self drive in Uganda compared to when traveling with a person who is not part of your family or circle of friends. This means that you can share all kinds of conversations without any intruder listening.

A Uganda self drive tour rewards you with a worthwhile adventurous experience as you take yourself to places that you have never been and are ready to respond to unforeseen situations as they come. You can use a map or GPS to find directions to your destinations.

Why a guided tour?

Budget Self Drive & Driver Hire In Uganda Rent A Car In Uganda
Safety and Confidence during travel 
Getting around in an unusual environment, especially in a foreign country can tend to cause some anxiety. When you choose to travel in Uganda with a local guide, you will be confident of your safety while on the road, at the destinations and you can even visit local communities. Also, most towns usually have locations known for high crime rates and they have to be avoided. When in such locations, your driver guide will warn and guide you.

Relaxed travel 
Guided trips give tourists enough time to relax during travel. Other than concentrating on the wheel and map or GPS, they will instead be keen to spot every attraction including physical features, local African life experience, and wildlife.

More knowledge acquired
For any attraction you come across, your guide will give you first-hand information about it. They will also tell you about the culture of the locals, some current affairs, and perhaps upcoming events. Though some information can be found online, we have several interesting things in Uganda that have not been written about and the only way to know and learn about them is through interacting with your safari guide. Most of your questions will be answered while on a guided tour, unlike a self drive trip.

Quick problem-solving actions 
Local drivers know their homes well and can easily find a solution or alternative in case of an emergency or inconveniencing event. In situations such as impassable roads due to bad weather or any other cause, or tight traffic jam in the city, these guides always know plan B to find a solution or get updates in time from their field forums to avoid areas that are affected.

Considering a traveler’s interests and the experience they wish to have when traversing the Pearl of Africa, they will choose a suitable travel option. Both ways are good and there is no wrong travel option as it will offer what you are looking for. In case you still have any inquiries that will help you make the right choice for your upcoming trip, simply get in touch with us through info@tripcarrentaluganda.com or +256-743143706 

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