Why Hire a Safari Van for Your Group Travel in Uganda

Budget Self Drive & Driver Hire In Uganda Rent A Car In Uganda

Are you a travel enthusiast who enjoys group trips? Have an upcoming group tour in Uganda? The Pearl of Africa has several places and activities that will offer lots of fun and all you will later on have are great memories together. However, transportation should be one of the key questions when planning for your group tour to Uganda.
From the various rental cars suitable for group tours, we as a local car rental company that has organized several Uganda safaris for such travels always recommend safari vans. Here is why we advise you to hire a safari van in Uganda for your upcoming safari;

Budget Self Drive & Driver Hire In Uganda Rent A Car In Uganda
Safari vans are the most affordable rental cars for group tours in Uganda compared to other vehicles. Rental prices of cars like the safari land cruiser are usually in the range of $150 to $250 per day inclusive of the driver while a safari van is hired out at $100 to $130 including a safari driver. This makes it a perfect option for travelers who want to minimize their trip expenditure.

4X4 Mechanism
In Uganda, the 4X4 vehicle mechanism should not only be considered for wildlife safaris but also when traveling to other places. This is because there are many of Uganda’s off-roads even those close to cities in a bad state and on a rainy day, it is possible to get stuck. However, when you rent a safari van, be sure to go through the rough, slippery, and hilly terrain with ease because the car features a full-time 4X4 mechanism.

Wide space
Safari vans have enough space in the interior for tourists to stay comfortable. You will enjoy your travel since the seats are well-spaced with enough legroom. They also have wide cargo space to keep their luggage. Although you have to keep your travel bag light by only carrying necessary items, have no worry about space for your luggage. It can be stored in the rear or on the rooftop on days when you are not going for game drives.

Pop-up roof
Uganda is one of those unspoiled safari destinations with amazing natural beauty. You will cheat yourself if you don’t get up to watch her stunning landscape and impressive wildlife. With a safari van that features a pop-up roof, be sure to enjoy the views and capture clear photos. When your guide spots any attractions of interest, they will stop and allow you to get up through the pop-up roof for the best views.

As you look forward to arranging for a group tour in Uganda this season, ease your travel plan by considering and booking a safari van. It is rented with an expert safari driver. Our safari vans feature cozy interiors with air conditioners and MP3/CD players among others. To book a safari van in Uganda, contact us through info@tripcarrentaluganda.com or +256-743143706.

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