Your Essential Guide to Renting a Car in Uganda In 2024 

Budget Self Drive & Driver Hire In Uganda Rent A Car In Uganda

Whether you are planning to rent a car for a trip within or out of your country, it is always important to know the things to consider and the renting process which will help you save money and time. Contacting a car rental service provider without any knowledge of the requirements for hiring a car, important information to get from them before signing the contract, and perhaps the best time to book, may lead to a bad experience while renting a car.
If you are planning to rent a car in Uganda for your safari, business trip, or leisure vacation, this article takes you through an ultimate guide that will help you have an easy, smooth, and good experience of hiring a car.

Look out for reputable car rental companies
With a variety of car rental companies in Uganda all ready to receive an inquiry for the intended services, it can be tricky to know who to trust for your car rental needs. The best way to go about this is to search for the specific car rental service you want by browsing on Google and a listing of car rental companies that offer it in Uganda will display. Check the sites of about four companies and compare their services. Also, consider their reviews from past clients and you can base on these to select a reliable company.

Budget Self Drive & Driver Hire In Uganda Rent A Car In Uganda
Know and choose your suitable rental car 
Before contacting a car rental service provider, you should know the different cars suitable for your travel purposes. This will ease your selection from the range of vehicles suggested by the car rental company. Some of the things to consider before hiring a car include;

  • Purpose of the trip – Are you looking to visit national parks on a guided tour, want a self-drive tour, or going for a business trip? Choose a car that suits the tour i.e. safari vans and land cruisers for guided tours, Rav4, and trucks for self drive, and sedans for business trips.
  • Number of passengers – hire a car that will comfortably accommodate all passengers throughout the trip
    Distance and Fuel economy – If you are planning for a long trip, it is advisable to consider a fuel-efficient vehicle that will help you save some money.

Car rental cost and special discounts 
The price of rental cars in Uganda is mainly based on the type of vehicle, the number of days, and the option of whether you want the car with a driver or for self drive. Check if the company has any car rental special discounts running; this is common during the low season of travel. Most companies offer discounts for long term car rental, feel free to ask for a discount if you are hiring a car for 3 or more weeks.

Book in advance 
Once you have confirmed your travel dates, the next step should be to book your rental car. Early booking comes with advantages such as enjoying cheaper deals and getting your preferred car. You will be required to book the car with a deposit which can be transferred to the bank or paid through other online options.

Watch out for hidden fees and penalties
This mostly applies to travelers renting a car for self drive. Before you sign the contract for the rental car, make sure to read and understand all the terms and conditions plus the inclusions in the rental fee. If any fees have been excluded from the total charge, ask the service provider to inform you so that you may prepare for them.

Check the fuel policy  
There is usually a fuel policy applied for travelers who want to go self driving in Uganda. If the car is handed over to you with a full tank or any other specific amount of fuel, you are expected to return it with the same. Failure to do so may force you to pay a bigger amount of money than you would spend to refill at the gas station.

Stay in touch with the reservation personnel  
While people can sometimes get busy and forget about some activities, it is advisable to communicate with the car rental staff a few days before your travel. This helps to ensure that your car is ready and avoid last-minute inconveniences after arrival.

As you plan for your Uganda trip with a rental car, let the above information guide you in the process. For more information about car hire in Uganda and to book a rental car, contact us through or +256-743143706

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