5 Easy Steps to Book a Rental Car in Uganda for Self Drive.

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While guided tours are the most popular way of exploring Uganda, the number of travelers getting around the country on self-drive has been on the rise over the years. The experience of sitting behind the wheel to be your own driver and at the same time a tourist is something many wanderers love and enjoy. As you go through the countryside, you will experience the local life of doing things, visit national parks for wildlife viewing, and perhaps get to some sites to learn about the culture and history of Ugandans.

Planning for a self-drive trip in Uganda? Let us help you book your rental car in Uganda 5 easy steps;

Budget Self Drive & Driver Hire In Uganda Rent A Car In Uganda

Search for car rental companies online – Most car rental companies in Uganda market their services through their websites and this makes it easy to find them online. Using Google or Yahoo, simply search using keywords that describe the service you want, for example, self drive car rental Uganda, places to visit on self drive car Uganda, self drive Uganda, best self drive rental car for safari, and what you need to know to self drive Uganda among others.

Contact the car rental company – Select the companies that offer the service you are looking for and check if they have positive reviews from past clients. You can contact three or more companies for their rates and availability, compare their offers and choose one that best suits your budget and other personal interests.

Read the terms and conditions 
In about thirty minutes or so, you will have received feedback from most companies to whom you sent an inquiry. Their rates should be well explained and easy to understand with all inclusions and exclusions mentioned. Also, go ahead to read the terms and conditions.

Request for a discount 
If you want long term car rental services, you will enjoy discounted prices. Ask the reservations team to offer a discount so that you will save some money on the trip. And if you are renting the car for a short period, it is most likely that you will simply go for the rate offered.

Book your car 
You will confirm your rental car booking after paying a deposit to the car rental company. This comes after receipt of your deposit and a scanned document is sent to you. The majority of car rental companies in Uganda accept a deposit of 30-50% and it would be up to you to pay 100% upfront. You can pay for the service through the provided option such as Visa payment, bank transfer, or PayPal. After this, you are sure that your car has been reserved and can therefore go on to prepare other things on your parking list.

if you planning for a self drive trip in Uganda this season and are looking for a trusted company for a rental car, we at Trip Car Rental Uganda are ready to serve you beyond expectation. Simply get in touch with us through info@tripcarrentaluganda.com or +256-743143706



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