Why Hire a Tourist Vehicle in Uganda for Wildlife Safari 

Budget Self Drive & Driver Hire In Uganda Rent A Car In Uganda

As a tourist, no doubt you are highly looking forward to an exciting Uganda safari experience. One of the things that will help you achieve this is renting a suitable safari car for your trip. Tourist vehicles which are also referred to as safari cars are customized with features that enhance the traveler’s experience and this is the reason we recommend them.
There are different types of tourist vehicles and the right one for your wildlife safari depends on factors including the number of travelers and your estimated budget. If you are a small group traveling on a tight or midrange budget, a safari van suits you while a small group seeking a luxury treat on the safari would go for an extended safari land cruiser. Safari vans come in unique categories with different accommodation capacities. Other tourist vehicles include the Supercustom, land cruiser Prado and Rav4.

If you ask us why we recommend hiring a tourist vehicle for your wildlife safari in Uganda, here are the reasons;

Budget Self Drive & Driver Hire In Uganda Rent A Car In Uganda
Better views through pop-up roof
At Trip Car Rental Uganda, we have tourist rental cars including the land cruiser, super custom, and safari vans that feature a pop-up roof which allows travelers to get the best views of wildlife and scenery without moving out of the vehicle. If you are on a guided tour, your safari driver will get the best sport to park the car and then you can rise through the pop-up roof and capture clear photos of the attractions.

4-Wheel drive mechanism 
Many of Uganda’s wildlife safari destinations (national parks and wildlife reserves) are located far from the Entebbe International Airport and Kampala where most travelers start and end their safaris. In this case, a 4×4 rental car in Uganda is the ideal tourist vehicle to handle these long distances. Plus, the rough roads found in wildlife destinations as well as some hilly places require vehicles with a full-time 4X4 mechanism to easily drive through. In circumstances of bad/slippery roads due to rain, a 4X4 car provides torque to its wheels enabling it to go maneuver.

The seating arrangement of most tourist vehicles is customized for safari. The chairs offer the comfort that you need throughout the wildlife trip. They can be inclined when a traveler wants to relax while on a long journey and also feature a wide leg room to allow you to comfortably stretch your legs. They also have car seat storage bags to keep your small-size items that you need to use often during the day.

Seats of an extended land cruiser are built with wide space from one another and perfectly accommodate a large cooler that stores your drinks which are essential during travel. They have large cargo area both in the seating compartment and the rear. Some tourist vehicles at Trip Car Rental Uganda can accommodate luggage on the rooftop including a rooftop tent.

Traveling in a tourist van when going for a wildlife safari in Uganda is worthwhile. Hire a well-maintained and serviced tourist vehicle from us by sending an inquiry to info@tripcarrentaluganda.com or speaking directly to our reservations personnel through +256-743143706.


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